Another Sports Jacket

Finally getting round to the second men’s blazers that Slaters allowed me to take for a spin.

It’s not really the weather for sports jackets like this, it’s a heavy wool with full lining. In this heat it would bake you, never the less it’s a lovely sports jacket from Magee.

This time I took my friend known as AP (not associated press) down to the Clyde and took some photos in the sun light (shortly after this we went Go Karting, was awesome fun). You just can’t beat natural light for bring out the colours of a material. Now, as I’m no model I was sure to cut out my face.

You can see how heavy weight the material is and, hopefully, the weave of material.

I love this jacket…

…the colours are so deep and it contrasts perfectly with this cornfield yellow shirt. Trousers are a tricky one for this jacket because you don’t want to look like an old-fogy. I tend to think that something brighter is best to set off the dark green.

The lining is a blood red and and very comfortable but more for a British summer time than that of Cote de Azure summer time.

Did I mention it fits perfect too 🙂 check that blazer cuff/ shirt cuff ratio!